Child and Adolescent Therapy

Art Therapy Works provides a safe and secure space for children and adolescents to explore difficult issues that may have evolved from the many incidents that take place in a young persons life. 

As adults we often forget that what we think as being a small problem can be a huge issue to a young person, such as losing friends and being bullied at school, a teacher shouting at them, being worried about the next school test, family arguments, a pet sick or dying. These are just some of the many issues that can affect development, confidence, self esteem and happiness in a child's world. Other issues that can cause harm to a young persons development are parental divorce or separation, family bereavement, physical or sexual abuse, drug and alcohol misuse, a new sibling being born.

Children and adolescents need to express how they are feeling. They need to be heard without interruption, so that they can begin to understand the sometimes confusing world they live in.



Adolescents often need extra help during difficult periods especially around the transition of childhood to adolescent. A female client used magazines to reflect and explore her likes and dislikes as she struggled with the transition between being a child and becoming a teenager.

Sadly parents and carers can be the last people adolescents feel they can confide in and so the search for role models goes on, sometimes the therapist can provide that all important role model, enabling the young person to grow in confidence and develop their own identity.

Short excerpt from a process with a 11 year old girl

An 11 year old girl came to art therapy experiencing difficult relationships a t school. Her best friend had been taken off her by another girl... She makes friends with another girl and the same thing happens again, leaving her feeling alone and isolated...she does not have anyone to sit next to in class.

The girl decided to use pastels to show the class combinations.

Whilst drawing she expresses her frustration and anger going over

and over again the combinations. This becomes a regular feature

of her sessions and below is one example.

Children and adolescents need to find a balance between tension

and relaxation, sadness and happiness, confidence and humility.

Often children need help in understanding why and how things have

happened and the way they have.

Art and sandplay therapy provide children and adolescents with an alternative to talking. Often they don't understand why they are feeling the way they do. They can't find words that express what it's like living in their world.

Most children and adolescents enjoy being creative, especially when there is no competition or expectation to produce a 'pretty picture' or get it 'right'.

Art Therapy Works provides an emotional and supportive place where young people can be free to explore and talk spontaneously about their problems, fears and anxieties without feeling judged or awkward about hat they are saying. Through this process they are enabled to gain in confidence, self-esteem and discover who they are in relationship to the world around them.

First Steps to Art Therapy for Young People

The young person will be invited to attend an assessment session at the start. Children under the age of 11 years old tends be accompanied for the assessment session and those over 11 year old can decide if they wish a parent or carer to be present.

The assessment session provides an opportunity to reflect on the issues that are of concern to the young person.

Regular Sessions

After the first meeting if it is felt that Art Therapy Works could help the young person then a commitment to 6-12 sessions is agreed. In some cases more sessions may be required to work through particularly difficult issues.The sessions will normally last one hour and take place on a weekly basis.

If you would like to make an initial appointment or to discuss how art therapy may benefit your child or adolescent. 


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